Introducing… Rosalind Morrison, founder of Sweet Rosie Jewellery

Rosalind Morrison

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my website and checking out my jewellery. I thought i should introduce myself as I really don’t want Sweet Rosie to be a faceless brand. I am the face (and the hands!) behind each piece of jewellery.

My name is Rosalind, and I’m the founder, owner and jeweller at Sweet Rosie Jewellery. My business is based out of Glasgow, Scotland.

I specialise in bespoke, re-purposed, personal jewellery, and unique pieces of my own design. My whole ethos is to create beautiful jewellery that’s affordable for every budget. I’ve been a jeweller for over 20 years, and I love every aspect of the process: from the research and design of my latest collections, to the actual making of them, and especially packaging them up and sending them to their new homes. Nothing makes me prouder than receiving lovely feedback from a customer. It warms my heart!

I’m extremely lucky to have been given opportunities to work with big brands and on great projects, including having my jewellery featured in magazines like Scottish Wedding and No1. I’ve also been lucky enough to make jewellery for some great VIPs, including Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Fearne Cotton, Gok Wan, Saira Khan and many more.

Katy wore my BabyOnBoard name necklace in her social media promotion for her new song Daisies. What a thrill to see that she loved it!

Katy wearing my BabyOnBoard name necklace that I created especially for her!

For me, every client is important, whether that be Hollywood superstars or people like you and I!

So, enjoy looking at my work, find something you love and I’ll make it especially for you, beautifully packaged and ready to go. The perfect gift for a loved one, or the perfect gift for YOU! You deserve it.

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