The Cocktail Necklace


You’ll love the gorgeous etching around the silver that encapsulates your chosen gem

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Is there anything better than cocktails with the girls? It’s definitely one of my favourite things to do, and that’s what inspired my Cocktail Collection.

Fresh, bright coloured stones encapsulated in sterling silver. The Cocktail Necklace will become a glamorous staple piece for you.


Imitation Diamond (clear), Rose Quartz (pink), Amethyst CZ (purple), Mother of Pearl (white), Blue Goldstone (sparkly navy blue), Emerald CZ (green), Garnet CZ (red), Aquamarine CZ (light blue), Alexandrite, Peridot CZ (lime), Sapphire CZ (blue), Tourmaline CZ (pink), Citrine (yellow), Zircon (blue)

Chain Length

16, 18, 20, 22, 24


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